ZAMPELLA MUSIC is a Royalty-Free (Buy-Out) Production Music Library. This means no license fees, no forms to fill out. You pay for it once, and use it as often you like, forever. And since the entire library is available for instant download, you don't have to wait for it to arrive in the mail!

Each track in the Zampella Music Library has been recorded and mixed with state of the art digital technology for crystal clear sound and definition. The compositions range from heavy guitar grooves suitable for high energy productions, to moody piano and violin pieces infused with funky percussion elements. There is truly something unique for every musical need at Zampella Music.

The Buy-Out license means you can use it for anything you want, including:
commercials, corporate videos, infomercials, Flash, PowerPoint presentations, CD-ROMS, etc. And you never have to pay a license fee.

Click the play buttons to hear lo-res samples of each. Downloaded tracks are 192KBs stereo mp3 files. Payment is made via PayPal. When you add a track to the cart, a separate Paypal Shopping Cart window will open.

Track Name
Length Description
August 3:05 Islandy-Spanish sounding calypso Bossa-Nova groove. Big Log-esque guitar tone. $29.95

Blah 3:15 Words meaning this but above your that with what can about your who? All can be where with my yarn of thing. $29.95

Headslammer 3:21 Bad for your head. Don't do that. Good for the groove. Do that. Again. Ow, not the head. $29.95

625 3:38 A date in infamy? A sequence of digits with which to control one's own destiny? An address to one's home? $29.95

Rubicon 3:48 Spinning, whirling, twisting, turning, stop. Rest. $29.95

Remembrance 3:15 Remember that time you, me and Billy went down to the old firehouse and....wait that wasn't you. $29.95

The Fog 4:44 Thick and soupy and unclear and obtuse and dangerous and not at all polite. $29.95

Radiator 4:00 Warm and toasty and metal and sort of wet but in a nice way, you understand. $29.95

Eleven One Bee 2:28 And Twelve Two See. What's the difference, really. Semantics, my friend. $24.95

Pasturized 1:58 Grade A 100% not Bovine Steroid. Bovine Steroid? Yes, not Bovine Steroid. $24.95

Tenth Hour 3:06 On the tenth hour of the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year, nothing will happen. $29.95

Cottonmouth 2:43 Analog synth and ride cymbal groove. $24.95

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 3:04 Synthy textures combine with tasty backwards guitar fills to create a spacy wall of weirdness. $29.95

The Brick 1:31 For whom does that freaky bell toll? It tolls for thee, and thee, and thee. Wee-hee. $24.95

The Train Home 3:45 Sort of evil and other-wordly, with strange bass and vocal harmonizing. Sound effecty and spacial. $29.95

Windswept 2:25 Piano and strings and synth bizarro. Builds over time to a dramatic conclusion. $24.95

Sliding Door 4:19 Heroic and majestic, this one soars to heights never before imagined. Big and filling. $29.95

Nosering 3:32 Mellow and creepy with violins and vibes. Rather unsettling, really. $29.95

White Socks, Black Shoes 3:30 Sad and introspective, in an end of the world kind of way. $29.95

Time To Wait 3:32 Aliens having a quiet conversation over a dinner of strange things that don't even look like food. $29.95

Infinitely Grey 2:04 Bed of pads and textures and creepy music boxes. Soundtrack to a drunken nightmare. $24.95

Below Grade 0:57 Way below, from the sounds of it. Watch your head... $19.95

Burglar Alarm 1:08 You know the sound of a car alarm going off at 3 am? It's nothing like that. $19.95

Did You Do It? 1:02 It's a simple question. Did you or did you not do it? $19.95

Le Doink 2:14 Le doink is Le name of Le song. $19.95

Lethargy 1:16 A whole weekend spent on the couch...barely moving...doing nothing...sleeping...very, very lethargic. $19.95

Pass The Salt 1:08 This thing needs some salt, or something. If it's not too much trouble, could you please... $19.95

Shotgun 0:40 Double barrel, 12 gauge, bang bang. $19.95

Subhuman 0:56 Quite a few floors below human. The sub basement of human, really. $19.95

Tongue Depressor 0:56 What is it that would depress your tongue? Bad news, a rough day? $19.95

Tunnel Envy 0:45 Dark, and steamy, and kind of wet. Smells like mold... Green, are you? How bout $19.95